Open to all students - Approval Required

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La Comunidad

Designed for students who share an interest in regenerating cultural values, traditions, and customs rooted in the experiences, histories, and multidimensional identities of those who do and do not identify as Latinx.

Students for Violence Prevention

This residence option is for students interested in the Students for Violence Prevention Program (SVP). Final placement in this area is dependent upon acceptance into the SVP Program. The SVP living community centralizes the importance of community, consent, respect, and supporting one another. It is intended to support you as you develop skills to change the culture of violence.

Sankofa House

Sankofa House is a living community intended for students with an interest in exploring Black culture, history, identity, and African diasporic intellectual traditions. Sankofa is a West African term that communicates the importance of reaching back or retrieving one’s past, to better prepare for the future, and is a symbol frequently used in African American cultural ceremonies. Sankofa House is designed to intentionally create a space for students to feel connected and supported in a community centered on the experiences and heritage of Black/African people.

Rainbow / Gender Inclusive

A gender-inclusive living community that affirms the cultural experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, non-identifying, and questioning residents, and their allies. Students are paired regardless of sex or gender identity. Prospective residents must complete supplemental questions in their Housing application regarding their interests in this community; admittance will be contingent upon the responses to these questions.

Native American Living

Native American Living is a community interested in an environment that affirms Native American culture, current issues, language, and history. Residents will have the opportunity to participate in local activities with local tribal communities and agencies to build a community that provides academic and personal support.