College Creek Apartments

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College Creek Overview

The College Creek complex offers 97 apartments to call home, complete with kitchens and furnished living areas, all located next to a community center and NCAA soccer field.

Each fully furnished apartment includes all the amenities to help make your stay more comfortable. Residents in each apartment are responsible for the cleaning of the common area kitchen, bathroom, living room and hallway. All residents are responsible for supplying toiletries and bathroom tissue. 

  • Four, three story complexes, each with elevator, courtyard, individual mailboxes and laundry facilities available
  • Comfortably furnished apartment-style residences with single and double rooms
  • Rooms available to house 430 residents
  • Each unit houses 4 to 6 residents in 1121 - 1162 sq. ft apartments, with co-ed options available. Each unit includes two bathrooms
  • Each room includes a closet, bed, dresser and desk, for each resident
  • All beds are twin extra long
  • Units include full dining and kitchen areas, complete with range, microwave, refrigerator and dishwasher
  • Ethernet and wireless Internet included
  • Optional cable TV and phone service
  • Microwaves and refrigerators are provided in the kitchen area of each apartment

Residents in College Creek Apartments are not allowed to have microwaves and mini refrigerators in their personal rooms.  Students with medical needs requiring additional refrigeration space need to contact the Student Disability Resource Center at  If approved, the refrigerator must be kept in an open space that allows ventilation.  Refrigerators may not be placed in a closet or under desks.

Toilet IconTwo private bathrooms in each apartment, toilet and shower behind a full door with a lock - 1 toilet & 1 shower in each.

College Creek Private Bathroom - 1 toilet & 1 shower

College Creek Bunk Beds
College Creek Community Center
College Creek Kitchen
College Creek Living Room
College Creek Soccer Field
College Creek Bathroom
College Creek Bathroom
College Creek Laundry

2023 - 2024 Room & Meal Plan Rates

Room TypeRoom Cost OnlyRoom + All Access 7 Day Meal PlanRoom + All Access 5 Day Meal PlanRoom + Lumberjack 125 Meal PlanRoom + Lumberjack 75 Meal Plan
Double Room$7,360$13,240$12,612$11,036$9,568
Bunk Bed Double Room$7,088$12,968$12,340$10,764$9,296
Single Room$9,120$15,000$14,372$12,796$11,328

View College Creek Apartments Floorplans

  • College Creek 4-5 Person Apartment, Double 11' x10'
    College Creek 4-5 Person Apartment, Double 11' x10'
  • College Creek 6 Person Apartment, Double 11' x10'
    College Creek 6 Person Apartment, Double 11' x10'