Cypress Overview

Cypress Hall is a series of suites built up the slope of a hillside and houses 231 students. A suite houses 7 to 12 students. Each suite has a living room, bathroom, and a small kitchen area with cooking facilities and a dining table. Some suites have either a balcony or patio off the living room. Laundry facilities are on the ground floor of the Cypress complex. Suites that have washers and dryers in the suites take quarters only. The Laundry Room on the ground floor, available to all Cypress residents, takes quarters and C-points. A basketball hoop, barbecue, lawn, and recreation area are located on the grounds adjacent to Cypress.

The suites consist of double and single rooms. All rooms are furnished with a bed, desk and wardrobe closet for each resident. All beds are twin extra long. The rooms are wired for optional telephone service and cable T.V. service. Every resident has the ability to access the internet through wired or wireless connections. Custodial services clean the common areas: kitchen, bathroom, living room and hallway.

Cypress residents are not allowed to have microwaves and mini refrigerators in their personal rooms.  Microwaves and refrigerators are provided in the kitchen area of each suite. Students with medical needs requiring additional refrigeration space need to contact the Student Disability Resource Center at  If approved, the refrigerator must be kept in an open space that allows ventilation.  Refrigerators may not be placed in a closet or under desks.

Toilet IconWe offer co-ed suite living (single gender bedrooms) with private restrooms (remodeled restrooms) on first floor (suite 4110), second floor (suite 4210), 4th, 5th, 8th and 9th floors - 3 toilet & shower stalls. The rest of the suites and floors are single gender; (original restrooms) individual toilets and showers behind a stall door - 2 toilet & shower stalls.

 Remodeled Private Bathrooms     Original Communal Bathrooms

Cypress Remodeled Private Bathroom - 3 toilet & shower stalls                                                          Cypress Original Communal Bathrooms - 3 toilet & shower stalls

Double - Cypress
Cypress Interior
Cypress Living Room
Cypress Kitchen
Cypress View
Cypress 1st Floor Laundry
Cypress Remodeled Bathroom
Aerial - Cypress
Movie Night - Cypress Lawn

2021 - 2022 Room & Meal Plan Rates

Room + All Access Meal Plan RateMeal Plan RateRoom Rate (Meal Plan Required)
Room + All Access 7 Day$12,238$5,600$6,638
Room + All Access 5 Day$11,638$5,000$6,638

Rates do not include the $30 activity fee and payment plan service fees. 

View Cypress Floorplans

  • Cypress Single 8' x 10'
    Cypress Single 8' x 10'
  • Cypress Double 14' x 10'
    Cypress Double 14' x 10'