Our Community

That ‘College Experience’

Yes, the idea of meeting and living with someone you don’t know can be nerve-wracking, but isn’t connecting with new people of diverse backgrounds the point of college?

Making HSU your home is a great way to do that, be a part of a community, and have the ‘college experience’ everyone always talks about. Plus living here is convenient. Rooms come furnished, eateries and activities are around the corner, and so are your classes. You can roll out of bed and probably still make it to class on time.

HSU housing comes in all shapes and sizes. Choose an apartment, suite, or traditional residence hall. Each comes with a long list of amenities, facilities, and other features to make your life a little easier. You can even live alongside students who share common interests in Theme Housing.

As many choices as there are, some things—like having support and feeling valued and respected—come standard. Staff and the students who work here do more than keep things fun by hosting events and activities. They keep things real and are here to lend you a hand and an ear when you need advice.

There’s more to HSU than classes. Living here is part of learning –about others, the world, and yourself.