Off-Campus Housing - Services Offered

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Services Offered

  • Provides advocacy and support for Humboldt students seeking housing off-campus
  • Develop and maintains a database of property managers and landlords in the greater Arcata area
  • Develops and maintains a database of students who need help finding access to housing in the greater Arcata area
  • Assessment of off-campus student needs and community concerns
  • Develop an active, ongoing campaign to support and educate students about off-campus housing
  • Work with the transportation committee at the City of Arcata to develop bus routes that best support student transportation needs
  • Work with local community agencies to develop relationships and support to help students find access to housing
  • Actively work to engage students and community members in support of the Equity Arcata initiative
  • Provide day to day coordination and response to student questions regarding access to housing off-campus
  • Meet with students to understand and support their needs regarding off-campus housing
  • Provide programming and resources for students interesting in off-campus housing
  • Develop and maintain a web presence for off-campus housing related information and initiatives
  • Develop an education video series and other online media to educate landlords and students about off-campus living and renting
  • Case management
  • Updated Listings Newsletter
  • General advice on local housing themes and schemes
  • Education on protecting data and personal information
  • Referral to supportive services
  • Printing, faxing, emailing important documents for housing
  • Strategic planning on individual housing needs
  • Rides to court house for cases around off-campus housing
  • Help with organization of financial documents needed to rent
  • Rides to viewings of homes
  • Facetime options for students out of the area to view listings with Landlords that agree
  • Education on rights and responsibilities as tenant or landlord
  • Presentations locally and across the nation on best practices around student housing off-Campus
  • Event planning for Off-Campus Housing conferences, webinars, and outreach
  • Mediation between roommates and landlords or property managers
  • Special programs development

Off-Campus Housing Coordinator

Chant'e Catt, the Off-Campus Housing Coordinator, can help you with off-campus housing questions and resources.

• No Hate Zone - All are welcome
• LGBTQ Friendly
• Se habla español
• Nolo Press Tenant Rights Landlord  resources

Make an Appointment
with Chant'e

You can also reach Chant'e at 707.826.5509 or by email to

The Off-Campus Housing Coordinator is a key member of the Housing and Residence Life staff with responsibilities in three general areas including: (1) helping current students transition from the on-campus to off-campus housing market, (2) working with students and community members to develop connections and advocate for the housing needs of students, and (3) work with property managers and landlords to create greater access to housing for students.  This position reports to the Director of Housing and Residence Life.